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Association of Virgin Islands Psychologists


    Mission Satement

   Point Two to foster the education and awareness of the community on mental health issues

   Point Two to promote culturally sensitive social policy that would enhance the mental emotional and social well-being of the community

   Point Threeto promote ethical and responsible professional practice

   Point Fourto demand high standards of professional conduct

   Point Fiveto conduct professional education programs

   Point Sixto promote research

   Point Sevento support legislation that meets these goals

   The AVIP shall adopt the Ethical Principles promulgated by the American Psychological Association.


Executive Committee

Dara Hamilton,Ph.D., President
Marilyn Braithwaite-Hall, Ph.D.Past-President
Lindsy Wagner, Psy.D., President-Elect
Kirstyn Livingson, M.A., Treasurer
Kathleen Dena, M.A., Secretary
John Schuster, Ph.D., Education Coordinator, St. Croix
Marilyn Braithwaite-Hall, Ph.D., Education Coordinator, St. Thomas
Ann Barnard, Ed.D., Government Relations
Jewel Owen, Psy.D., Government Relations

Chester Copeman, Ph.D.,Federal Advocacy Coordinator
Denese Marshall, Psy.D., Psychology in the Workplace Network Coordinator
Lucia DiMeo, Ph.D., Public Education Coordinator
James Kloss, Ph.D., Disaster Response Coordinator

Coming Soon


Annual Spring Workshop

St. Thomas: April 25; 8:30 am to 3:00 pm